So…my time at S3 has come to an end after 5 days of doing amazing activities! My work experience has made my knowledge on media much more clear! First I wrote about fashion in the office on Monday and got the grips of what I would be doing for the week. Tuesday I found out what shops I wanted to go to and get the clothes for the photoshoot, I also went to burger and lobster with a couple people from in the office. Wednesday I went shopping In Cardiff to River Island, Mrs Selfridge, Topshop and Newlook, and successfully got the c
lothes I wanted for the photoshoot later on. Thursday I went to M.A.C and had a makeover done with Leanne which was great, I loved it. We then went back to the office and finally had the photoshoot done with Dan which was very fun and exciting. Friday I then collated everything that I have worked on in the week into my final blog and presented it to the team. I have really enjoyed my work experience and I am really looking forward to putting my new skills into practice.


About Makeup

I wear makeup every single day, that is if I’m going out which is most of the time! Make up can transform someone to look 100x better than they already look with a flick of a brush, which Is what everyone wants! Well…not everyone, some women hate makeup simply because they feel ‘fake’ or they love flaunting their natural beauty.… Read more →

About Nails

Most women get their nails done for an occasion. But if you love getting your nails done, then you are most likely to have them done once every 2 weeks, like me! A nail salon is a place that offers beautification services for both genders. But they don’t just do nails, they provide services for hands and feet including manicures, pedicures, nail polish application, nail acrylics, gelish, nail extensions in any colour nail polish, nail repair, also hand and foot treatments. They also arrange eyebrow tinting and waxing, sometimes tattoo eyebrows. And they can also maintain spray tans.


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What I will be doing at S3

Later on in the week I will be going out around Cardiff and getting the most fashionable, modern office clothing from stylish shops such as Mrs Selfridge, Topshop, River Island and New Look which give good offers and choice on work clothes. I will also be having my nails done at Nails Inc. in Howells with Leanne, for the photoshoot.… Read more →

What to wear to work

There are appropriate things to wear to work which can be fashionable, feminine and modern. It depends on the dress code and what type of office you are going to work at, if the office is very strict then you will only be able to wear dark and classic suits (black or navy). High quality accessories for both genders. For women, collard dress shirts or blouses would be aloud, and for men crisp white dress shirts and modest ties. For shoes only black heel and tights, and for men only black oxfords or derby’s. If they allow you to dress slightly more casual then you will be allowed to wear dark and suitably patterned suits or for women suits can be more brightly coloured. If being even more casual is suitable then you can wear short sleeved tops, maybe with vests, slacks or corduroy pants for men, and a fashionable skirt for women, you would be allowed to wear an open toe heel, or relaxed and elegant shoes. In some cases, offices will allow sandals and tasteful trainers.



What NOT to wear to work

There are a lot of things that you should not be wearing to work under any circumstances. No surprise the number one fashion mistake is showing too much cleavage. It’s distracting and inappropriate in a business environment, these are types of clothing such as low cut tank tops, crop tops, anything which shows too much skin is inappropriate. Lace or sheer clothing is not acceptable in an office either. The types of shoes you wear can also affect your appearance; such as flip-flops, these are very unprofessional. Some employees complain that they do not want to see other colleges feet at work on a daily basis, and most accidents such as tripping and slipping on wet floors are from wearing flip flops. Shorts are unsuitable or any pants that are less than full length for women and men. Ripped jeans are also not to be worn at all, this is because it looks less professional and like you are homeless, they might even stop you from going into your workplace! (exaggerating just a little). And lastly anything that is too short, such as a skirt shorter than knee length, you want to feel professional, not sexy.



Hello I’m Claudia, I applied for work experience in s3 Advertising and got accepted to come and work at the company. I have been tasked by Stacey who works with the social media, and Leanne, who is the Conceptual Designer of S3, to find out the ‘do’s and dont’s of how to dress for work- or, more importantly, how not… Read more →